SNABB VOLVO BIG BORE TURBO INTAKE KIT *This product requires 7 days shipping time*



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Bolt on up to ~10 HP and better throttle response with Snabb's exclusive Big Bore Throttle body kit for turbo 850's and 98 S/V70's

The kit comes with everything you need to swap over to a NA TB which is well known to create significantly better throttle response, better airflow into the plenum, and more HP. The intake manifolds and throttle bodies are degreased and beadblasted. The 960 plate is cleaned and installed in the TB. All other hardware is new and the linkage replaces the Turbo linkage which is too long for NA TB's. Kit comes with the TB gasket and Snabb's poly intake spacer to help keep everything a little cooler. The spacer is also soft enough to use as the gasket and does not require longer bolts. Now you can stop waiting to source all the parts for this awesome swap. We've done all the hard work for you! All you have to do is install it.

**Please allow 1 week for shipment of this kit. If you would like to have your intake manifold Powder-coated allow for an additional 2 weeks handling*

Kit includes:
  • Refurbished and bead blasted Intake manifold (either an NA intake manifold or a bored out Turbo manifold
  • Refurbished and bead blasted NA Throttle body
  • Installed 960 Throttle plate
  • Adjustable Throttle linkage for NA TB
  • Polyethylene Intake Manifold Spacer/Gasket
  • NA TB gasket
  • Snabb turbo hose for NA throttle bodies
  • Clamps for hose