3" High Flow Cat Downpipe for AWD P2 S60 V70 Made to order



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Please note, these are painstakingly made to order so please plan on 7-10 days leadtime 
Our 304 stainless steel downpipe features everything you have come to expect from a quality down pipe and more.  
The first and most important feature we added to our pipe was to source the very best quality 304 stainless steel interlock flex joints. Inferior flex joints are made with either no liner or wire mesh inside which will eventually burn up, fall apart, and potentially create an obstruction in the exhaust.  Snabb downpipes feature an in-house designed 3 bolt flange with a precise fire ring and, an included mounting bracket for the turbo heat shield. (Some downpipes like the ones made by OBX do not even have a fire ring machined into the flange making the installation unnecessarily difficult.) Another feature that you will find very helpful is the included 3rd O2 sensor bung for wideband monitor installations. This eliminates the annoyance of removing the downpipe in the future if you decide, at a later time, that you want to add a wideband monitor.  
This cat comes with a high flow vibrant metal core catalytic converter (Vibrant part number 7102) 
For the most demanding applications you can upgrade to a Vibrant Performance GESI Ultra High Output Catalytic Converters  (Vibrant part number 7530)

GESI High Output (HO-series)  Universal Metal Core Catalytic Converters have been designed to provide a reliable solution to the most common converter problems experienced by our customers.
GESI HO Cats are: 
- EPA certified for use on OBD2 vehicles (1996 and newer). 49 States only!
- Full Stainless Steel construction, including the substrate which is furnace braised to the mantle for outstanding durability
- Unique end-cap design locks substrate in so it can't rattle around
- The GESI proprietary precious metal loading technology ensures greatly reduced emissions, eliminating most "Check Engine Light" issues
- Capable of withstanding up to 1500 deg F
- Ideal for forced induction applications, with no loss of HP
  • 3" OD 304 Stainless steel purge welded piping
  • 304 stainless steel, flanges, hangers and hardware. 
  • (3) 02 sensor bungs 
  • Mounting Bracket for Heatshield
  • Superior quality 304 stainless steel flex joint with interlock interior (OEM spec) 
Vehicle Applications: 


  • 2001 to 2007 V70 AWD or XC70
  • 2001 to 2009 S60 AWD
  • 2004 to 2007 S60R or V70R