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Eliminate the restrictive factory-stock fresh air pipe that runs from your mass airflow sensor to the turbo. Our performance fresh-air pipe flows better, and looks better than stock. In fact we've recently made major improvements to this kit. Our objective is to give you the absolute highest quality kit available. We have sourced the best quality virgin silicone connectors, precision TIG welded aluminum pipe made with low intrusion-hand fitted bosses, and marine grade 316 stainless steel clamps. (Picture shown with optional replacement PTC elbow)
Flow bench testing showed an average 21% increase over stock. The factory-stock fresh-air pipe is corrugated and reduces down to a diameter that is smaller than the turbo inlet. These two factors reduce airflow and create a restriction to the turbo. Our fresh-air pipe is made from aluminum and silicone with a consistent inner diameter. These pipe kits are being sold as complete setups, only missing the PTC, which you would typically remove from your factory intake pipe and modify to fit into this pipe. Modified PTC's are also available from us and can be installed prior to shipment.

Please note-another exciting update to our intake pipe line! The P80 intake pipes are now interchangeable between years (93-00 with some additonal parts needed for certain applications). Example: If you buy a 1995 kit and then sell that car, you can transfer it over to a newer P80 with a couple simple changes such as new silicone or different hose barbs. Contact us with any questions!

This kit includes:
  • 1 Polished 6061 aluminum J- pipe with PTC boss and NPT barbs
  • 4 Heavy duty Silicone connectors
  • 5 316 Stainless steel (marine grade) ABA worm clamps
  • 2 Oeticker ear clamps
  • *Optional* - Silicone PTC Elbow.
  • Installation instructions
Please note. Installation of this aftermarket part is at your own risk! The PCV pipes on early model Volvos are VERY brittle when old, making them incredibly easy to break! If your car has never had its PCV breather system replaced, then you may want to service it before installing this modification.