99-00 Reverse Intercooler Piping



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The Snabb Reverse Intercooler Piping kit for 1999-2000 Volvos is finally here.

With the Snabb RIP kit you get shorter charge piping, less turbo lag and significantly improved throttle response. The kit will add significant "wow factor" when you open the hood and you will also eliminate the restrictive factory corrugated plastic throttle pipe that is prone to cracks and boost leaks!

We designed our entire kit from the ground up for the shortest possible routing that will fit Automatic transmissions or Manual transmissions. Our kit features all aluminum piping with a Snabb exclusive tig welded MAP and IAT sensor adapter that only requires
a single M5 bolt and washer to install your sensors. We've included an NPT bung for water injection as an added bonus.

Snabb is the first company in the United States to invest in developing a 99-00 specific- reverse intercooler piping kit and the related adapter for the separate MAP and IAT sensors of the early drive by wire Volvos. The Snabb RIP kit reverses the flow of the turbo charged air so that the hot air enters the top of the intecrooler and exits the bottom. This not only reduces the length of the piping but it increases intercooler efficiency giving you cooler intake air and less turbo lag.

This listing is for Polished pipes and BLUE  silicone 
  • Shorter than stock all aluminum polished 2.5"  piping
  • Integrated 1/8th" NPT bung for easier water injection installations
  • Tig Welded Billet MAP and IAT adapter
  • Heavy duty 5mm silicone hose (4 layers Nomex + 5 layers silicone) with a "lifetime manufacturer's warranty"
  • Premium  ABA 316 SS worm clamps

Volvo S70, V70 Turbo 1999-00
Volvo C70 Turbo 1999-05

Demand the best for your Volvo, make it Snabb.