P1-T5 C30/C70/S40/V40/V50 Ford Focus ST Performance Intake Pipe Black Powdercoated Available!



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Snabb has finally brought our very own P1 chassis intake to the market. We've built a no compromise 3" intake pipe that performs, looks, and sounds great. 
Eliminate the restrictive OEM fresh air pipe that runs from your mass airflow sensor to the turbo. Our performance fresh-air pipe flows better, and looks better than stock. The stock fresh-air pipe has a ridged coupler, smaller, restrictive diameter and includes a power robbing resonator.  These three factors reduce airflow and create a restriction to the turbo. 
Our objective is to give you the absolute highest quality kit available. We have sourced the best quality virgin silicone connectors, precision 3" Mandrel bent and TIG welded aluminum pipe. Our 3" pipe includes an integrated  (easy to install) bracket, factory fitment bosses, and marine grade 316 stainless steel clamps. Our pipe has been designed to fit into the engine bay without utilizing depressions in the pipe to make clearance so you have a true 3" all the way. 
Surface finish bright polished aluminum with heavy duty blue silicone.

Please contact us with any questions! sales@snabb.us
This kit includes:
  • 1 Polished 6061 aluminum 3" pipe with quick connect barbs and easy to mount welded bracket
  • 2 Heavy duty Silicone connectors
  • 4 316 Stainless steel (marine grade) ABA worm clamps
  • Installation instructions

  • C30 T5 2006-2013
  • C70 T5 2006-2013
  • S40 T5 2004-2012
  • V40-T5 2013-
  • V50 T5 2004-2012


Please ontact us with any questions!