Volvo P80 HD Drop in intercooler



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We've totally redesigned our intercooler from the ground up for the best possible construction, fitment and performance all at the best price.  We've made a beautifully crafted drop in replacement that is capable of handling even big 500 hp builds and yet still be cost effective and affordable.
We've tested our intercooler on a dyno AND on the street using our own custom setup logging both pressure and temperature in realtime at the intercooler inlet and the intercooler outlet. We found that even on a dyno with insufficient airflow our HD intercooler could still remove more that 2 times as much heat as the tube and fine GPI brand intercooler.  On the street the Snabb intercooler rejects nearly 4 times more heat than the GPI.  
In our on road tests The Snabb intercooler showed a maximum intercooler outlet temp of 63.5 degrees F at WOT in third gear (ambient temp of 50 degrees) with  89% intercooler efficiency! This means you will have less detonation and more power under load. Making sure that your inlet air is cool is one of the most important parts of the equation for a turbo charge car. 
In comparison the popular competetors intercooler showed a maximum outlet temp of 117 degrees F at WOT in third gear (ambient temp of 56 degrees) with a calculated intercooler efficiency of 49%!!  61 degrees above ambient under the same conditions or almost 50 degree higher than the Snabb HD drop in) 
2" thick precision Snabb high density core
1 psi average pressure drop at 15psi
Easy install with precise mounting holes and  welded spacers to make alignment with radiator and condenser a breeze
Pressure tested to 145 psi for 30 minutes
Effective for up to 500 HP applications
Clean silver painted surface
Included mounting hardware